Welcome to NAIOP-PAC’s  – a focal point for both members and chapters to stay involved and informed about NAIOP-PAC. Here, members can read about the latest news and announcements regarding NAIOP-PAC activities and review our annual report. Chapters can get information regarding our exciting NAIOP-PAC Champions program, as well as fundraising ideas and information on rules governing fundraisers.

NAIOP-PAC Champions are state and local chapters recognized for their support of NAIOP’s Political Action Committee (NAIOP-PAC). Launched in 2007, the NAIOP-PAC Champions program  stems from the work of Robert Moody and Kathie Barstnar, NAIOP Colorado leaders who are committed to deepening their involvement in advancing NAIOP’s national legislative agenda. The NAIOP-PAC Champions program brings together chapters of all sizes and enables them to develop greater connections to and interactions with NAIOP-PAC members.

On a State level:
NAIOP South Florida is advocating for the deepening and widening of Port Everglades.  Kyle Jones of Stiles spoke at the Public Hearing and submitted written comments on behalf of NAIOP South Florida.  NAIOP South Florida is also planning a PAC event to raise money for the NAIOP PAC in early 2014.  NAIOP Members only event.

2017 Legislative Session - Week 4 Summary - 4/3/17