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2019 Gemstone Application

Please contact Jules R. Morgan at (954) 990-5116 with any questions or for customized packages

Gemstone Partners

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The Crown Jewels of Sponsorship Opportunities
Finally, size, shape and price come together in our Gemstone Annual Sponsorship program. We've spent time shining every facet before bringing it to you. Now with everything in place, you can pick the gem that fits you best.


Doing Beautiful Things With Any Budget
Like any significant purchase, we understand that budgeting and planning is important to our members. The sponsorship opportunities offered through the Gemstone Program are carefully structured to fit a range of budgets and, best of all, you can make one decision and know that your NAIOP involvement is secured for an entire year.




2019 Diamond Partner


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2019 Ruby Partners


2019 Sapphire Partners